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McCoole’s at the Historic Red Lion Inn

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  • American
  • Gluten Free
  • Kid's Menu
  • Vegan Options
  • Outdoor Seating Area
  • BYOB
  • Full Bar
  • Private Party Room

This cozy community hub for spirited socializing and dining dates back to 1750.


While anything on the core menu is a great choice for delicious, locally sourced comfort food, check out the weekly additions for something a little more adventurous, like the Chipotle Lime Pork Tenderloin. Typically, chefs have total creative freedom when it comes to these specials, which often highlight seasonal ingredients and less conventional flavors.


Hands down, McCoole’s has some of the best crab cakes in the Lehigh Valley. Several patrons hailing from New England and Maryland have even claimed they’re better than their own region’s, says owner Jan Hench. The secret? McCoole’s goes heavy on the crab and light on the filler, using just a bit of panko and an egg to hold it all together. Be sure to get them with the roasted red pepper aioli—a tastier take on tartar sauce. 


Toots, the collie who inspired “Lassie Come Home,” the 1940 classic novel written by Eric Knight, spent many evenings at the McCoole’s dinner table with the author. The servers of the day were quite annoyed when Toots got a big juicy steak, which was placed right on the dining room’s hardwood floor.


Want to be entertained? Next door, the McCoole’s Arts & Events Place is always putting on a new play or event, so you can catch a show before or after you eat. Or swing by for live music outside on the patio every Friday and Saturday evening while the weather’s warm.

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