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deLorenzo’s Italian Restaurant

3417 Sullivan Trail   //   Easton
610.438.6026   //
  • Italian

In the Kitchen

Crisply crusted gourmet pizzas pulled from the brick oven come adorned with an array of Mediterranean toppings, from artichokes and prosciutto to pancetta and Gorgonzola. Purists can opt for the simplicity of the classic Margherita.

At the Bar

A backbar sign proclaims “Ernie’s Place,” where the family patriarch dispenses signature martinis and affable conversation with equal aplomb. Ernie may not recall your name on the second visit, “but I’ll remember your face – and your drink,” he says. Ask about such “off menu” specialties as a Key Lime Martini.

In Our History

While deLorenzo’s occupies a spacious new locale, the restaurant’s real history is exactly where it always has been – embodied in the soul of the chef. Family matriarch Marlene carries on Italian-American kitchen traditions from generations past. “My mother taught me the recipes, and her mother taught her,” she says. While Mama’s Sunday Gravy, a long-simmered tomato sauce enriched with beef and pork, is a specialty of the house, dishes such as succulent Chicken Milanese and zesty Calamari Nicholas are no less enticing. Other time-honored tastes include Homemade Gnocchi, slow-cooked Braciole Ernesto, and ricotta-stuffed Manicotti, rolled with handmade crepes. Grilled Panini, in hearty meat and veggie versions, is a popular recent addition to the lunch menu. 

As seen in the Winter/Spring 2015 Issue // Also seen in 2014, Summer/Fall 2015

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