Becoming Paxos Restaurants’ founding cornerstone in 1980, The Candlelight Inn later evolved into blue, a premier dining and special events destination.

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blue grillhouse

4431 Easton Avenue   //   Bethlehem
610.691.8400   //
  • American
  • Gluten Free
  • Kid's Menu
  • Vegan Options
  • Outdoor Seating Area
  • BYOB
  • Full Bar
  • Private Party Room

Making mouths water for decades.


No single description can encompass all the facets of blue, a modern steakhouse and event center. The eclectic décor features stylish dining rooms, a dynamic lounge with a wildly artful fireplace, a dozen private dining rooms, and incomparable accommodations for weddings or conferences. In spring, guests flock to the casual and expansive barn-roofed patio.


A protein lover’s paradise by definition—covering premium seafood as well as meat—this grillhouse exceeds expectations from the first bite. While every type of steak attracts loyalists, the Porterhouse deserves extra credit for incorporating both tenderloin and strip cuts in one handsome hunk of juicy meat—in this case, 24 ounces of beefy goodness garnished with a skewer of beer-battered onions. Consistent quality of taste and texture is attained through the restaurant’s relationship with Meats by Linz, a notable Chicago purveyor with an elite line of Black Angus heritage cattle. While six optional sauces are offered, Béarnaise—the sophisticated cousin of Hollandaise—is the chef-recommended partner for this memorable entrée. Of course, to complete the revelatory experience of dining at blue, dessert is a requisite indulgence. A dedicated in-house pastry chef—who also crafts sweet endings for sister restaurants Melt, Torre, and Top Cut Steak House—emphasizes flavorful components in elegantly simple desserts, such as moist Almond Butter Cake crowned with crème fraîche and blueberry compote.

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