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The Mint Gastropub

1223 West Broad Street   //   Bethlehem
610.419.3810   //
  • American
  • Gluten Free
  • Kid's Menu
  • Vegan Options
  • Outdoor Seating Area
  • BYOB
  • Full Bar
  • Private Party Room

An ambitious kitchen that shuns routine to dream up plucky pairings and innovative flavor fusions.

Years ago, people put their trust in The Mint’s location when it was a bank; Owner/Chef Domenic Lombardo asks for the same trust today while he tinkers with technique and tradition in the kitchen. The result is whimsical comfort food, where imagination and ambition manifest as fascinating fusions, like Lamb Chili paired with Jalapeno Donut Holes. Meanwhile, eight different odes to mac and cheese – including Chipotle Bacon, Duck BBQ, and Poutine – rejuvenate childhood classics into fare fit for the adult table.

Time-tested duo meat and potatoes, step it up as Black Diamond Steak Frites, lusty cuts of sous-vide flat iron steak and parmesan-truffle frites. Served with a melody of housemade onion jam, green beans, and crispy fried onions piled high on the plate, the makeover sings yet another instant hit for the gastropub.

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