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Hunan Springs

4939 Hamilton Boulevard   //   Wescosville
610.366.8338   //
  • Pan Asian

In the Recipe

Jay Ho, second-generation operator of Hunan Springs, puts a strong emphasis on quality of ingredients and healthful preparations. “Our proteins are all natural, with no growth hormones and no antibiotics,” he says. Every dish is made from scratch, featuring recipes developed by Ho’s father, Taiwanese Master Chef Ming Yang Ho. The sole sauce that’s imported from China – soy sauce – appears on the table only by request. “Soy sauce is so strong that it neutralizes flavors,” he explains. Dishes like Rainbow Trio, with shrimp, chicken, king crab legs, and vibrant vegetables in a white wine sauce, deserve to have delicate tastes fully appreciated.

In the Bar

A secluded bar pours a full array of drink options, including classic and Asian-inspired cocktails. Pair beer or wine with dinner, but give your meal a playful start with a tiki-style drink like the potently exotic Zombie.

On the Table

A weekday Express Lunch attracts guests seeking to savor a white-linen dining experience – on a schedule. Every dish is cooked to order, and budget-friendly prices often persuade diners to sample multiple entrees. With more than four-dozen selections, the full menu is also available. Their Pan Asian cuisine pulls exotic flavors from different countries, including fragrant curry dishes such as Singapore Mei Fun.

As seen in the Winter/Spring 2015 Issue // Also seen in 2014


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