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Gio Italian Grill

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  • Italian
  • Gluten Free
  • Kid's Menu
  • Vegan Options
  • Outdoor Seating Area
  • BYOB
  • Full Bar
  • Private Party Room

Husband-&wife Tony and Giovanna DiMaio proudly oversee every aspect of their restaurant.

When this fragrant striped bass first became a house specialty, a leading hospital recognized it as a “Heart Healthy” dish. But don’t order it simply because it’s good for you: Selfishly consider your taste buds. After the mild and meaty white fish—cut and filleted in-house—is pan-seared, an aromatic broth is created with olive oil, white wine, diced tomato, olives, a whole flame-roasted shallot, and a finishing drizzle of basil oil. Gotta have some pasta? That can be happily added upon request.


Sicilian cannoli—a modest dessert indulgence—offers textural balance with lusciously creamy ricotta filling piped into a crispy shell.


A favorite appetizer for couples to share, Peroni Shrimp arrives with roasted chive-garlic sauce on the side. The four large shrimp are coated with a fluffy tempura-like batter made with Italy’s Peroni beer, then quick-fried to golden perfection.    


A contemporary update to the old-school checkered tablecloth spaghetti house, Gio feels refreshingly modern and relaxed, suited equally well to a date night or family outing. Relax at the bar with a casual plate and a pour of your favorite spirits. Distinctive house martinis and seasonal cocktails, select beers, and a food-friendly wine list featuring Italian imports—plus heady post-prandial sips—all vie for attention.


What’s the 411?
Super-high temperatures of an open flame Wood Stone oven—essentially the Ferrari of the pizza world—create the renowned crisply-tender crust of pizzas crafted from dough made with “00” flour imported from Naples, and red-sauced varieties boast the exclusive use of naturally sweet San Marzano tomatoes. Flatbread and roasted veggies also get a fiery finish in the hearth and heart of the open pizza kitchen. 

Be a guest at your own party with pick-up catering trays of starters, entrées, desserts, and more, serving 8–20 people.  

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