From chipped beef to oatmeal, each dish is freshly prepared to order—with an exception of kettle-simmered soups, including house specialty Crab Bisque.

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Diana’s Cafe

4907 Route 309   //   Center Valley
610.797.2525   //
  • American
  //   Breakfast, Lunch


Though the all-day breakfast menu covers a dazzling range of flavors, a full stack of Blueberry Pancakes reigns as the go-to griddle choice. Bursting with bright berry flavor, these scratch-made pancakes become transcendent with a drizzle of pure maple syrup from western Pennsylvania. On the savory side, traditional tastes abound—but the hearty Andouille Sausage Scramble, topped with Chipotle Hollandaise Sauce, claims a popularity top-spot. After
11 a.m., a generous lunch selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads, diverse entrées, and “staff favorites” further expands gustatory options. On-site, family-run Red Door Coffee
Roasters keeps cups filled with assorted great brews, all available in a French press version.


With a bright and homey vibe, guests feel like regulars from the first visit. A hand painted mural accents the sunlit front porch filled with cozy booths, while the dining room boasts tables well suited for special gatherings from birthdays to Red Hat Ladies get-togethers. Diana’s also takes the food show on the road with full service catering for private and corporate events.

As seen in the Winter/Spring 2020 Issue // Also seen in Winter/Spring 2021

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