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Yianni’s Taverna & The Euro Lounge

3760 Old Philadelphia Pike   //   Bethlehem
610.867.8821   //   http://yiannistaverna.com
  • Greek

Here, generations of recipes passed down from mother to child offer an evening voyage to an authentic Greek kitchen.

The blue and white dining room radiates Santorini seaside vibes, mirroring the authentic Greek fare streaming out of the kitchen. As a tribute to traditional Greek cuisine, the restaurant’s recipes span generations of being passed down, featuring touches like homegrown herbs, handcrafted Gyros, and housemade desserts. Next to the dining room, a relaxing white-couched retreat – aptly named The Euro Lounge – entices guests with ouzo-laced cocktails and a variety of other specialty libations.

Craft a spread for the table from their Olympic-sized appetizer menu with handmade meatballs known as Soutzouaki, or try Saganaki, pan-fried Kasseri cheese flambé. Here, even succulent standbys like scallops go Greek. They’re called Xtenea – stacks of oven-roasted fresh corn puree, pan-seared risotto cakes and juicy scallops – served with a topping of housemade ouzo butter to let bites melt in your mouth the Mediterranean way.

As seen in the Winter/Spring 2016 Issue // Also seen in 2014, Winter/Spring 2015

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