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With the Chef/Owner

Heriberto Yunda takes a hands-on approach to cooking. The chef/owner journeys to Philadelphia to personally inspect the fish he purchases, scrutinizing gills for healthy color. And he’s just as picky about selecting meats and seasonal produce. A native of Ecuador, Yunda honed his skills in restaurants from Manhattan to Istanbul, developing a culinary style suffused with global influences. “I don’t like to do too much in a dish,” he says. “The focus should be on natural flavor and freshness.”

In the Glass

An eclectic wine list reflects the owners’ personal tastes – while catering to customer preferences. Intensely sweet and complex ice wine ranks a popular dessert drink, though a vodka-and-cranberry splashed Icetini cocktail offers a grand prelude to dinner.

In the Dining Room

Sophisticated and cosmopolitan are terms rarely applied to villages renowned for Victorian charm. However, Moya offers an exception in both culinary and visual styles, each marked by freshness, elegance and simplicity. Co-owner and manager Stephanie Verme decorated the intimate lounge and dining room “from the heart,” wrapping the walls in deep, saturated jewel tones. While handsomely preserved plank flooring gives a nod to the past, bold abstract paintings created by Verme complete a captivating picture of fine, modern dining.

As seen in the Winter/Spring 2015 Issue // Also seen in 2014

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