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Ecco Domani

610.282.4589   //
  • Italian
  //   Lunch, Dinner
  • Gluten Free
  • Kid's Menu
  • Vegan Options
  • Outdoor Seating Area
  • BYOB
  • Full Bar
  • Private Party Room

Hailing from Italy, these hands-on owners bring a dash of old-world soul to their charming Mediterranean kitchen, where regulars pop in to try the daily specials and the vodka sauce is legendary.

What does Ecco Domani mean?

“Here’s tomorrow.” You might recognize the name from the popular wine, which the owners were drinking when they decided to open the restaurant. Here’s to tomorrow indeed: Ecco Domani will celebrate its 20th anniversary this April.

What is a misconception about your restaurant?

People driving by might mistake it for a pizzeria. While there is plenty of pie, Ecco Domani boasts an expansive menu brimming with entrées and thoughtful gluten-free options. Don’t forget to BYOB to this cozy eatery. 

As seen in the Winter/Spring 2018 Issue // Also seen in Summer/Fall 2018, Summer/Fall 2017

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