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Smoke Show Old Fashioned

Presented by Spinnerstown Hotel


1 oz. Wahaka Mezcal

1 oz. Corralejo Reposado

5 dashes cherry bitters

1 tsp. agave


Place a large ice cube in a rocks glass. Add spirits, bitters, and agave and stir gently.

Using a cocktail smoker (if available), smoke the glass contents and enjoy.

NOTE: While the mezcal and reposado both naturally contain smoky notes, topping the drink with a mesmerizing swirl of woodsmoke – easy to do by using a cocktail smoker – imparts a striking visual appeal along with flavor and fragrance. The restaurant uses Middleton Mixology’s SmokeTop cocktail smoker device, but many other brands are available.


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As seen in the Winter/Spring 2023 Issue

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