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  • Italian
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  • Gluten Free
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  • Full Bar
  • Private Party Room

Authenticity and communityfocus distinguish this nationallyrecognized outpost of Italy.

Layers of flavor are infused into the sweet potato pizza. Circles of sweet potatoes are seasoned and roasted, caramelized onions get a splash of balsamic vinegar, crispy pancetta—un-smoked pork belly spiced with juniper and bay leaves—smoked-rind scamorza cheese, and fresh mozzarella are fired up on a super-thin Neapolitan style crust, with dressed Swiss chard wilted on top. Imported Caputo “00” flour gives a fine texture to the sourdough-like crust. A 12-inch size makes an assortment of tempting pizzas ideal for sampling and sharing.


Allowing greens to simply wilt on top of hot pizza (or pasta) preserves nutrients that are lost during sautéing.


Parsley Linguine—house-made, like all Molinari’s pastas—incorporates fresh parsley and farm eggs for a rich, silky dough. Seasonally sauced, this pea puree version with English peas, cipollini onions, black pepper ricotta, and a poached egg boasts a luscious lightness.


The décor’s handsome simplicity sets a relaxed mood for the comfy consumption of outstanding food and drink. A well-curated wine list, recognized multiple times by Wine Spectator, complements an innovative mixology program. (The Spice Island cocktail illustrates a dual emphasis on local and imported products.) The recent addition of two long high-top tables in front of the bar encourages casual socializing.


Chef Geo’s annual research trips to Italy spark his culinary imagination and enable him to bring regional traditions to the table in SouthSide Bethlehem. Imported specialties, such as cured meats and cheeses, harmonize in dishes brimming with locally sourced flavors, from produce to proteins. A chalkboard in the dining room credits the sustainable farms that contribute vibrant freshness and superior nutritional content to the menu.    

Intimidated by unfamiliar terms? A culinary “translator” with pullout definitions makes the informative menu fun.

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