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Mojito Cuba Caribe

  • Cuban


The spirit of Old Havana flourishes in this destination river town. The atmosphere is upbeat, relaxed and family friendly, though the circular bar boasts a lively social scene at night. Dean Diaz-Albertini and Jamie Hutson, the executive chef and manger who bring a youthful energy to the bistro, sometimes take a break from their duties to perform as the house band. A cozy outdoor bar provides a secluded tropical setting for sipping mojitos.


While richly seasoned, authentic Cuban food does not pack the fiery punch of other Latin cuisines. Instead, dishes are redolent with garlic, Spanish onion, oregano, olive oil and sherry, and a citrus-based marinade tenderizes and infuses flavor into meats. Seafood specialties such as Mahi Mahi Mango, Coconut Shrimp and Ceviche Del Mar reflect a coastal heritage. Sandwiches include the classic pressed Cubano, partnered with yucca fries.

As seen in the Summer/Fall 2015 Issue

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